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Michael Rhodes
+1 415 693 2181
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Michael pairs his deep domain knowledge with years of courtroom experience in handling the most challenging matters for leading technology companies. Widely heralded as a top privacy litigator, his experience spans privacy and data breach class actions and high-profile trial engagements. Mike serves as global chair of Cooley’s cyber/data/privacy and internet practice groups.

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Matthew D. Brown

+1 415 693 2188
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Matt has extensive experience representing companies in litigation presenting novel issues arising from emerging technologies and business models, including many cases involving cutting-edge privacy and data security issues. He also advises companies on assessing and managing potential liability risks, including those arising from privacy and data security issues associated with their products and services, as well as on responding to warrants, subpoenas and other requests for disclosure of user information and content. Among other honors, Matt has been recognized by BTI as a “Client Service All-Star” and was elected to the American Law Institute. Matt serves as vice chair of Cooley’s cyber/data/privacy practice.


David Navetta

+1 720 566 4153
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David has extensive experience counseling clients on cutting-edge data protection issues, including cybersecurity risk management, consumer and employee privacy, incident response planning and preparedness, technology transactions, board advice and consultation, regulatory investigations, litigation and due diligence in corporate transactions. He serves as a “breach coach” for numerous cyber insurance companies and has helped some of the world’s leading corporations effectively respond to complex data security breaches. David serves as vice-chair of Cooley’s cyber/data/privacy practice.


Ann Bevitt

+44 (0) 20 7556 4264
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Ann assists clients with all aspects of privacy and data security compliance and risk management, and advises on issues such as GDPR compliance, effecting data transfers, drafting privacy policies and fair processing notices, rolling out new technologies in the workplace, contractual arrangements with third party service providers, electronic marketing, monitoring employees, dealing with e-discovery, handling regulatory investigations, responding to subject access requests and notifying breaches.


Amy Collins

+44 (0) 20 7556 4375
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Amy advises on a wide range of general commercial and non-contentious technology matters. Her primary focus is on technology-related transactions including the outsourcing and procurement of technology products and complex services, software development and licensing, internet and mobile business arrangements, e-commerce issues, data protection and privacy. Amy’s data protection and privacy practice focuses on the privacy aspects of general commercial and technology transactions, use of data in emerging technologies, ongoing compliance and business strategy, marketing and the privacy aspects of M&A transactions.


Adam Connolly

+1 415 693 2111
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Adam advises clients on a range of matters relating to technology, innovation and data, including privacy, cybersecurity and incident response, product development, digital marketing and technology transactions. He devotes a significant portion of his practice to helping globalize clients’ products and privacy programs to address data protection laws around the world. Adam also helps clients evaluate and address privacy and security risks in connection with M&A, IPO and other strategic transactions.


Chris Coulter

+44 (0) 20 7556 4262
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Chris has 25+ years of experience advising clients on a range of technology, data, cyber security, contract and intellectual property issues. He advises both established and early-stage businesses across a range of – often regulated – industries. Chris has extensive experience in large-scale projects with a cross-border component and advises on a wide variety of commercial arrangements underpinned by technology and data, including outsourcing and technology procurement; creation, licensing and exploitation of data and software; contractual management of GDPR and cyber risk; and the establishment of complex technology and data licensing relationships.


Andrew Hoffman

+1 212 479 6609
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Andrew focuses on privacy, data protection and cybersecurity. He advises clients on the legal requirements and best practices for the collection, use and protection of corporation and confidential information in connection with product development, technology transactions and internal policies and procedures. He counsels clients on data usage rights and restrictions, marketing initiatives, security incident response and implementing Privacy by Design principles.


Kristopher Kleiner

+1 720 566 4048
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Kristopher has extensive experience assisting various clients operating in multiple industries in identifying, remediating and responding to data privacy incidents. This includes assisting in organizing and supervising forensic investigations, advising on and preparing individual and regulatory notifications, and assisting in responding to inquiries about data security and data breach incidents. He has also worked with numerous clients to provide training on and assist in the development of incident response planning policies and procedures, lead regulatory investigations, assist in data privacy litigation and advise clients on data privacy and security compliance projects, including those relating to the GDPR.


Christian Lee

+1 415 693 2143
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Christian Lee focuses his practice on cybersecurity, data and privacy issues for technology companies. He advises clients on implementing compliance programs including for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) by preparing data maps, interviewing clients and revising terms of service and privacy policies. He also assists clients with privacy issues in technology transactions. Christian represents technology clients in complex commercial litigation with an emphasis on matters involving technology, e-commerce, and privacy issues.


Bethany Lobo

+1 415 693 2187
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Bethany is a partner who litigates from pleading stage to appeal for companies facing high-value business model challenges, particularly those concerning cutting-edge privacy, data security/data breach and other Internet law issues. In addition to her litigation practice, Bethany is experienced in counseling social media and other technology companies on a diverse array of cyber issues, including biometrics, ecommerce, the Internet of Things, enforcement of online Terms of Service, online right of publicity issues and scraping.


Andy Lustig
+1 703 456 8134
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Andy focuses on private equity investments, mergers and acquisitions and the general corporate representation of high-growth technology companies in both the commercial and government marketplace. His practice includes a wide range of industry sectors including information technology, national security, cybersecurity, data analytics, software and telecommunications.


Randy V. Sabett

+1 202 728 7090
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Randy counsels clients on a wide range of cutting-edge cybersecurity, privacy, IoT, IT licensing and intellectual property issues. He helps clients develop strategies to protect their information, including advising companies on developing and maintaining appropriate policies, procedures, and internal controls to meet privacy and cybersecurity requirements. Randy has also counseled numerous clients on a variety of data breach scenarios, including running incident response for numerous organizations.


Leo Spicer-Phelps

+44 (0) 20 7556 4334
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Leo works with both companies to whom technology is a critical part of their core offering and those companies looking to exploit technology to expand or streamline their operations. With experience of working as both in-house and external counsel, he combines sound commercial judgment and strong legal acumen when advising his clients. In addition to representing companies in relation to their use of technology, Leo also provides commercial and intellectual property advice in relation to a wide variety of acquisitions and investments.